FAQs and Info

Here are some of the things people are asking about Function Island!
What is Function Island?

Function Island is a platform of TRX Dapps and games created for fun, currently hosting a game called "D1VS", and is expanding with more creations in the future!

The website is maintained by "MrFunction", and everything is made possible by the players.

Function Island is designed to be a platform of longevity and friendly mutual growth. New Dapp and game ideas are always being explored! Got ideas? Join the Island Telegram chat, and feel free to share!

How can I connect?

To use Function Island and its Dapps, you will need to use TronLink on a computer (via Chrome or Firefox), or Klever Wallet on an iPhone or Android device.

Please be sure to back up your keys and/or seeds - Nobody can help you recover your crypto, except you!

D1VS is a special kind of token that may not show correctly with some wallets. So long as you can see your D1VS on the website, your D1VS are safe and ready to be transferred, sold or HODLed on further!

D1VS Game

NOTICE: This game is a high-risk game, and you should only play with TRX you can afford to lose.

What is D1VS Game?

D1VS is an hourglass-style smart contract deployed on the TRON blockchain, enabling users to hold "D1VS", earning TRX dividends via micro-economics within the Dapp.

How does it work?

Users buy and sell "D1VS" at a varying price, calculated on a number of factors including current D1VS supply. Other dapps and games can potentially feed the hourglass, too.

Does Compounding also get a 10% fee?

The Compound function of the D1VS game calls the buy function, so yes - 10% of your TRX Dividends will be distributed to D1VS holders when you compound.

What is Pricefloor?

Pricefloor is the contract which ensures that D1VS will NEVER be valueless - by method of holding D1VS like a regular player, Pricefloor will take the fall as "Last Player" if everyone decides to sell their D1VS!

How does Pricefloor work?

Pricefloor is a special Smart Contract which holds D1VS just like a regular player. It can never sell, transfer or destroy its D1VS - it can only buy more with the dividends it has earned, whenever someone "Raises the Floor".

Can I profit from D1VS?

There is possibility of earning TRX from holding D1VS over time - however, keep in mind that D1VS is a game, not an investment platform. Only spend TRX you can afford to lose - D1VS value is at the mercy of the holders!


Is this Open Source?

The Smart Contracts of Function Island are open source and verified on TronScan. You can view them any time, and of course build your own interface for them too!

Can I contribute?

Contributing is as easy as joining the Telegram chat, participating in the conversations and playing the games on Function Island! 3rd party dapps are welcome to build on the contracts!

Future Plans?

Function Island is intended to be a long-term project, hosting more than just D1VS. It will grow over time, however there are no certain steps of progression yet! Stay Tuned!